Heldon Tenor

Thank you for viewing my website and finding out more about me. I’ve been singing opera professionally for about fifteen years now and it continues to be a taxing and most wonderful road to travel.

My most memorable experiences thus far have been playing the role of Siegmund in Wagner’s Die Walkure at Teatro Nacional di Sao Carlos in Lisbon and most recently playing the role of Othello for Birmingham Opera Company in an old warehouse space with the largest red carpet ever!

Both productions were directed by Graham Vick but so totally different. In the case of Die Walkure, we performed in one of the oldest and prettiest opera houses in Europe with a huge orchestra conducted by Marko Letonja. It was my biggest platform yet into the Helden/ Dramatic repertoire that I sing. The stalls were converted into a huge stage complete with new,state of the art hydraulic machinery. Where the stage usually was, there were more seats for the public so we were in the round really. In that production Susan Bullock played Brunhilde, and it was wonderful being Siegmund next to her and Anna Katharina Behnke my Sieglinde. Add to that smooching couples all over the auditorium during Wintersturme, a stage that moved constantly for each scene, beautiful vampire like Walkure and a director demanding truth in every moment and pushing you on to excellence and you get a truly fabulous spectacle.

Playing the role of Othello for the same director in Birmingham was entirely different. Think of a vast room in an old abandoned arms warehouse covered with red carpet. Picture your orchestra in the middle of this room on a raised dais and your conductor in monitors that did work most of the time except for one half of one performance! Picture my first entrance on a mini crane lift, singing the Exultate in army fatigues and no shirt(in the dead of winter and not much heating), war paint and army gear with the audience being led from scene to scene in what I believe is called a promenade performance. This production was probably less than a third of the Lisbon Walkure budget, but the buzz was amazing. It was a terrific cast with my Iago being the formidable Keel Watson and my Desdemona the incomparable Stephanie Corley. Our conductor was the gifted musician, Stephen Barlow, who was able to guide us musically through what was for a first timer a challenging score. We were all happy and grateful for our five star reviews and our nomination for a Royal Philharmonic Society Award! Playing the Moor is never easy, but it was made easier with the fabulous cast and a director who is willing to push me to achieve the best I could be as a singer/actor.